Foreigner convicted for power theft

from our correspondent

MAPÚSA, Sept. 11-The Judiciary Magistrate . First Class of Mapusa Court, Mr. R. K. Batía convicted and sentenced a Swedish national, Mr. Tillman Ulf Torsten Anders to pay a fine of Rs. 500 or ín default to undergo one month’s S.I. on the charge of power theft.

According to the prosecutlon, the foreigneir between May 4 and 10, 1979 committed theft of electric energy by taking electric connection illegally at his rented room at Pedem, Anjuna from an electric pole which was detected by the electricity department.

Ps. Ten years later, I got a letter from Mapusa, telling me to come and pick up an item. At the deposit, they returned the cable, that was confiscated by the cops, when they arrested me. Ds.