New Year in Chapora Fort 1989

This video ,shot at Chapora Fort, during the last New Year party, that Goan Michael and Anders organized there. The next year, we had everything ready to be taken up the mountain, and we were told, not to do it !

Fullmoon on Reddy Beach, Maharashtra.

This video, shot on Reddy Beach, in Maharashtra, because that year, 93 or 94, we were not allowed to make partie's in Goa.

Tiki's party on Baga beach !

This video, recorded at Tiki's and Bobby's birthday party, at Tiki's and Dave's house on Baga beach! Year 1984.

Tiki's Birthday party at the Haystack !

The season 86 - 87, we we're not allowed to make parties at all ! So, Tiki rented the Haystack, where now is the nightmarket, in Arpora, and we partied there.

Fleamarkets in Anjuna.

This is a compilation of images that me, Ingo and some other help, have recorded, to show the evaluation of the market, from "our time" to now,

Afghan party at the Starhouse.

This was in my opinion, maybe the last full on Goa party. The Afghans organised it, it began with an afghan dinner for two hundred people, and the next night, the party !