Temporarily Insane


In the early 1980s a bunch of young suburban dropouts escaped the grim atmosphere of the decaying industrialised world to travel the globe. They had no real aims but, among the backpacking, pristine beaches, and psychedelic parties, they accidentally encountered a legend that would change their lives forever. Entitled ‘The Bock Saga’, it is the greatest story the world has ever known; nothing less than the narrative of mankind itself. The Saga, related by Finnish mystic Ior Bock—appointed keeper of this ancient oral tradition—told of a mighty prehistoric civilisation and unimaginable treasures. This unlikely party of nonconformist heroes set out to prove the Saga was real. All they had to do was journey to humanity’s rediscovered cradle, Finland, dig up the Bock Treasure as revealed in the Saga, and show the world how life was in the Paradise Time. Simple, right? And yet that task has led to 40 years of colourful adventures and bizarre events that are still unfolding, with the monumental presence of the Bock Saga ever in the background. Insane hippies or farsighted visionaries? Only time will tell.



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