The end of Tito’s !

The end of Tito’s !

The end of Tito's !

It is with sadness but with anger that we have sold our entire business in Goa. I personally have suffered the least as I was compensated adequately and even my future generations won’t have to work. I will also share some with our staff , but in the long term they now have no jobs. Can i please ask our officials to employ them as I do not ever plan any more business in Goa. By ” officials” i mean all the harassing lot, like police, pda, crz, ngos, panchayat n sarpanchas ( not Shawn Martins ), bdo, dy collectors, Am very grateful to certain segments of the Government like Dr Sawant , the IAS officers, ex staff , present staff, our neighbours , all my friends and family and the common people of Goa who all contributed to this great Brand called TITOS. End of an Era!

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