The new face of BAD !

The new face of BAD !

The new face of BAD!

A couple of years ago, some of the kids recommended the TV series “Breaking Bad.” I had seen some chapter and it did not convince me, but as it is necessary to do with the series, I started with the beginning and kept watching until the third season. The parts are hilarious, but some social engineering didn’t make me feel comfortable. They talk continuously on their mobiles, which makes the children feel that they are, and sure, if you want to spend time, make time. Also, the real Mr. Bad, the president of a fast food chain, is a carbon copy of the president of the United States, which I did not find appropriate. That was then. Now after the Snowden revelations, the continued use of drones, Guantanamo isn’t even news, I’m starting to think it’s pretty spot on.

The mining of data, not the actual spoken words, have shown that what before was seen as conspiracy theories, have turned out to be reality. In Germany, where there has been a major scandal around a new nazi party, who were assassinating mostly immigrant turks, there were plainclothes police in the area every time. And, when they killed a policewoman and seriously injured her partner, there were American intelligence in the vicinity as well! When Dilma, the president of Brasil denounced her mobile phone being pinched, her major complaint was that they were using the information for commercial purposes, about the new oil finds in the ocean, in front of Rio. Then it turns out, that many gameapps are tampered, and the example they use is “Angry birds” a Finnish made game, very popular. When most games are made in the states, why use the birds as an example? Less people will use it, i.e. they will probably play American. Now, even the American senators are complaining, since they get their computers from the intelligence circuit, with spyware already installed.

All of this is in the virtual space, but the drones are very not so. The people who live in the tribal territories in Pakistan, or Yemen, for ex. are terrified, they hear the drone of the engines for days, day and night, never knowing when or where it is going to hit, then katabum, and their house is destroyed, blown into pieces, with the inhabitants plastered against the ruined walls. But no American soldier is at risk!

And, of course, for the badness as usual, trust the Russians!

Now, even Dick has joined the Pussies, as the Crimea has joined Russia, while the police (Russian or pro-Russian Ukrainian police?) were doing sharpshooting in Kiev, the demonstrators defending themselves as best as they could,

then as if it wasn’t enough, they shot down an airplane, not the first, a good friend was in the Korean flight, that was shot down in the 90;ies. And victims all over the place, locals, ozzies, dutch, most of the worlds experts on Aids, was that the real reason ?

And talking about victims, the Victims during millennia, has managed to sadden the world, killing a lot of Palestinians, creating a new generation of victims, in revenge for three of their own, and the never ending missiles. And the yihad, who uses victims to scare the others to flee, in Iraque, and Syria. As if there hasn’t been enough suffering. And they call them selves Isis!

I’ve been writing this article for a long time, when I had most of it down, but feeling it very negative, joebanana came under heavy hack attack, and it had our attention during months, until finally Ray, of Stoned Pig, who does web-security, managed to find the gate, through where the hackers accessed.


Now, when I finally reach the end, it seems in the United States, the younger generation, specially among the jewish, are shaking up their beliefs, and begin to regard values based on universal justice, respect, and tolerance, and they see the images from Gaza, and feel a profound consternation! It has to begin somewhere, and the young ones are the future after all. But it needs many generations to come out of the revenge cycle, specially after millenniums ! And a last image, also from the States, that gives some hope!

Boom – Shankar ! Missing Inka.

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